Friday, 30 August 2013

Which Are Britain's Top Selling Retro Sweets?

Top 10 Best Selling Sweets in UK

Sweet shops around Britain selling traditional and retro sweets have been scrutinised to find to discover their best selling items. From this information here is the overall top 10 best sellers.

Popular Retro Sweets:

  1. Rhubarb and Custard
  2. Sherbet Lemons
  3. Flying Saucers
  4. Bon Bons
  5. Sweet Tobacco
  6. Nerds
  7. Coconut Mushrooms
  8. Sherbet Fountain
  9. Foam Bananas
  10. Aniseed Balls

An honourable mention should also go to Vanilla Coke, but since the It's Back campaign is no longer the preserve of specialist retro sweet shops but can be found everywhere. This is unlike the list above, most of which you cannot find in the local shop or supermarket yet remain available and popular from retro sweet shops online, or if you are lucky there may be one near you.

If you are not familiar with these products I thoroughly recommend you seek them out and try them. I love coconut mushrooms and eating retro sweets sure does bring back memories.

There certainly is a strong link between taste and memory and this may be why retro sweets are so popular - and mostly purchased by adults or as gifts for older adults. They make great gifts and wedding favours as you can personalise them for different ages. A retro sweet hamper is a great Christmas gift idea for a family or individual.

Or perhaps simply eating nice sweets is reason enough to get some!

American Sweets Number One in the USA M&M's

M & M's delicious history

American m&m's
M & M's candies has been around since 1941 and as with some old timers, there is quite a story to tell. The predecessor of the M & M was created for soldiers during Spanish War. The crunchy, coating over the candy kept the chocolate from melting onto the soldiers hands. The candy was named after Forrest E. Mars (founder) and Bruce Murrie (stockholder).

The production of M & M's began in Newark, New Jersey in the US and can now be found in over 100 countries. Throughout M & M's history, they have experimented with different colors and flavors. There have always been yellow, green and orange M & M's but other colors have came and went such as Red.
Some flavors include milk chocolate, dark chocolate, pretzel, peanut, and almond but if you don't fancy those flavors, you can visit their website to order more exotic flavors such as raspberry chocolate and orange chocolate. There are even special occasion M & M's that can be ordered with messages for graduation, weddings and so on.

Probably one of the most iconic and recognized brand mascots are the M & M "spokescandies" which include a list of characters like the sarcastic "Red", the happy and gullible "Yellow" and of course, the flirty "Green." Commercials featuring the "spokescandies" are entertaining and sometimes quite racy.
On occasion, M & M's will reach out to the public to assist with their marketing and ideas. When color changes came up in the past, M & M's had phone lines that people could call to vote for the newest, favorite color or suggest a color.

M & M's are part of a larger, global brand called Mars. Related candy brands are: Minstrels, Revels and Skittles. There is also a Cadbury Gem's, a version that are produced in India. There are specialty shops that sell M & M's and merchandise called M & M's World. These shops can be found in Las Vegas, New York and London.